User Guide

Unpack the Box


Muzo package includes:

1. Muzo unit - vibrate the contacted surface to produce realistic sound

2. Dedicated case - provide a comprehensive protection for Muzo

3. Micro-USB charging cable - charge or update Muzo (Update mode turn on while connect to computer)

4. Instruction manual - provide important information of operating Muzo

5. Two set of spared sticker - stored inside the case and replace the original one if need


Quick Start Your Muzo

1. Remove the transparent film from the TPE stickers

2. Stick Muzo towards a clean, smooth and flat surface

3. Long press the center wist switch for 3 seconds to turn on Muzo (Until green light on)

4. Short press the center wist switch to select the mode (With different colors of light)

5. Rotate the center wist switch to adjust the volume of soundtracks (clockwise for increasing)

Connect to the Mobile APP

1. Make sure Muzo is turned on

2. Turn on Muzo Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds (Until the blue indicator light flashes)

3. Connect Muzo Bluetooth via "Setting" of your phone

    (The first time user need to manually search the "Muzo" Bluetooth inside the "Setting")

4. Open the Muzo APP and tap the "continue" button 

PS: If the paired phone will not connect to the Muzo. Please forget the previous "Muzo" device in the setting and try the above steps again.

Reset Your Muzo

In the first batch of production, there may have some imperfections in hardware and software. If you meet any crush/ bug in operating Muzo, you can press the reset button on Muzo to reset it. At the same time, we appreciate if you can send us feedback by

Different Mode in Muzo

Sleep Mode (Green light) is designed for providing you a better quality of sleep. You can create your ideal sleeping environment. You can also use the sound mixing function (Need APP) to create a unique and personal sleep zone. 


Secret Mode (Blue light) is designed for protecting your speech privacy. By this, people around you can hardly listen to you by playing the white noise. You don’t need to stick on windows or on doors. Put your Muzo near the source of your voice when you are using Secret Mode.  

Serenity Mode (White light) is designed for helping you focus on something such as working, reading, etc.. Serenity Mode is suitable for your living room, study room, and your bedroom if you need to concentrate on something.

Customized Mode (Purple light) is designed for multi-usage of Muzo. In this Mode, you can change the color of Muzo via the app. At the same time, Muzo supports third-party app to play music you wanted. You can place Muzo on any surface to feel how Muzo reacts to different materials.

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