Hardware Related

I'm not able to turn on Muzo - New Edition. What's happen to it?

Your Muzo - New Edition may have low battery inside the package. After unpack the device, please fully charge the device before turn it on .

Can I use Muzo - New Edition without the APP?

You can use Muzo - New Edition without the APP. However, some functions such as sound mixing and noise monitoring are only available under the dedicated APP.

What is the difference among three modes? Which one should I choose?

Some specific combinations of sound frequencies can effectively disturb the incoming sound. Structural privacy elements cannot adapt to such intruding sounds. For enjoying realistic sound, please select sleep mode. For protecting the speed privacy, please select secret mode. For concentrating on work, please select serenity mode.

In serenity mode, the sound in noise masking function is sometimes loud. Is it normal?

It is normal because the Muzo noise masking function is dynamic and changes in level.

What kind of audio source should I use with Muzo - New Edition?

The audio connection options for Muzo - New Edition is Bluetooth and 3.5 mm stereo audio cable. You can either play the installed soundscapes or external audio source.

I can't pair Muzo - New Edition with Bluetooth® device, what should I do?

Please visit "Connect to the Mobile APP" in the User Guide.

What is the wireless range of Muzo - New Edition?

The wireless range of Muzo - New Edition is up to 9m.

Can I stream music from my computer or phone to Muzo - New Edition?

Yes, however, your computer or phone need to be enabled for Bluetooth connection.

What is the battery performance of Muzo - New Edition?

Approximate 10hrs of standard functionality. You are able to check the battery level via Bluetooth connection.

How long does it take to fully charge the batteries of Muzo - New Edition?

Approximate 4hrs to fully charge Muzo - New Edition.

Can I turn on Muzo - New Edition while charging?

Yes, as long as the Muzo - New Edition is not charged by the computer. While Muzo - New Edition is charged by the computer, it will enter to upgrade mode (for upgrading software of Muzo - New Edition in the future) at the same time. It is not able to turn it on in this situation.

Software Related

I encounter some problems in connecting Muzo - New Edition to the APP, what should I do?

Please visit "Connect to the Mobile APP" in User Guide.

Some buttons are locked in the APP mode, how can I unlock it?

In APP mode, some buttons are locked as the device is default to be controlled by the phone.

Where can my Muzo - New Edition stick to? Can I stick it to the surface of the fridge?

Muzo - New Edition is designed to be sticked on the clean and flat surface. You can surely stick it to the surface of the fridge.

My TPE sticker gets dirty, how can I clean the TPE sticker?

You can simply clean the TPE by wipe. If that TPE is not available anymore, you should replace it by a spared TPE sticker set.

All TPE sticker are gone, how can I get the extra TPE set?

Please contact info@celestialtribe.com for more details.


Is Muzo - New Edition harmful to my body?

Surely not. Muzo - New Edition got the certification in FCC, CE, RoHS and etc. We ensure that it is not harmful to the body.

Where can I get the old version Muzo?

Muzo is not available anymore. For more new products, please check out our official website "www.celestialtribe.com" for more detail.

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